Ryan’s Voice In The Press


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1.) “Episode 17: Autism and Employment- With Autism & Disability Self-Advocate Ryan Litchfield: Educational, Personal, and Professional Experiences in Working with the Autism and Gerontological Communities” My Autism Tribe. Podbean. https://myautismtribe.podbean.com/e/autism-employment/. Published 14 May 2019. (NOTE: My podcast interview, and the podcast show, “My Autism Tribe” with host Susan Scott is also available on other podcast platforms such as Apple iTunes, SoundCloud, Spotify, Google Play, and iHeart Radio). 

MAT Podcast Art_Ryan Litchfield

(Cover Art credit goes to the host of My Autism Tribe Susan Scott- “My Autism Tribe with Autism Mom Susan Scott And Special Guest Autism & Disability Self-Advocate Ryan Litchfield- Episode 17- Autism & Employment “Changing the Tide” Published by Susan on 14 May 2019. )